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The Lives of Others

Nothing necessitates drama like the clear and present absence of it.  There are some people who constantly cry about the “needless” problems in their lives.  They bemoan the issues that confront them on a seemingly endless basis.  They loudly and persistently tell us that they wish the days of unending trouble could be put behind … Continue reading

What is our Purpose?

I believe I was born to achieve something.  What exactly it is that makes life worth living is open for debate.  I disagree with Schopennauer’s assessment that: “brutes show real wisdom when compared with us – I mean, their quiet, placid enjoyment of the present moment[1].”  While it is true that moments should be appreciated … Continue reading

Sharpen Your Pencil

There are many management specialists who insist that organization is the key to success.  I don’t dispute this, but I don’t think that organization in and of itself makes you more successful.  I think that it is the psychological effect of having a clean office that makes you want to be better at your job … Continue reading

Break Up Music

I was shocked to find that no one had put together a great list of break-up music.  It seems like there’s an incredible amount of love songs out there yet there isn’t that much to choose from when you’re going through a break up.  Anthologies haven’t been put together to help us through our moments … Continue reading

Writer Man

“Writer man!”  I hear echoed jubilantly through the corridor.  I know who it is but I hate looking around like I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing.  Never look like you’re lacking self-awareness.  That never comes off well. “Teacher man,” I echo back.  When the echoes converge we’ll know from the sounds … Continue reading

Remembering Mandela

There have been precious few people – at least in my lifetime – that one could chart their entire life through the events of that person’s life.  Nelson Mandela was one of those people.  I was six years old when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  The years 1990 and 1991 seemed to flow together … Continue reading

What Matters

I am impressed by knowledge and the knowledgeable.  One subject is sufficient for me.  No jack of all trades are necessary, I’ll be fine with a master of one. The ability to break things down and make them understandable is greatly underestimated.  Find one who can make the hard things easy and though you will … Continue reading

The Learning Curve

I’ve always struggled in school.  It was always perplexing to my teachers just as it was to my parents but there was something about it that made everything very difficult to understand.  Looking back I can understand where the problem was rather easily because of what I know about myself now.  At the time however … Continue reading

Rob Ford is Amazing

Rob Ford is an incredible politician.  He somehow managed to keep his poll numbers up after admitting that he smoked crack, went on a drunken rampage where he detailed how he would murder someone, and then somehow managed to hit a new low Thursday morning by denying he had an affair with a policy adviser … Continue reading

A Sharper Pencil

The traditional definition of a pencil pusher is that of one who lives a rather monotonous and routine-oriented existence that seems devoid of all fun and spontaneity.  We don’t like being around pencil pushers presumably because the connotations of normalcy are supposed to be derelict in a society that values adventure.  Pencil pushers seem to … Continue reading

Hi There!

I love it when people talk about problems.  There’s nothing quite as uplifting as talking about the things that irritate and annoy us all.  Feel free to personalize this as well.  If my outlook isn’t positive enough for you please let me know because there’s nothing that I love hearing more than someone else’s opinion … Continue reading

Golden Years

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when we got him, but I do remember picking him out at the kennel that sat outside the breeder’s enormous farm in Palmyra.  There were enormous ears of corn that greeted us on the drive in.  The driveway was gravel and bumpy.  As we drove in I … Continue reading

Extreme Ways

Extremist; when you hear the word a certain image pops in your head.  Nowadays it’s probably an image of some sort of Islamic fundamentalist or if you pay attention to the news a different image might pop into your head; that of the Tea Party Republican.  Both are equally dangerous they merely differ in their … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence

One could argue that we have more communication options available to us now than we’ve had at any point in human history.  We find ourselves complaining about technology; how it weakens interpersonal relationships, damages friendships, and complicates romantic relationships to no end.  Things like texting can disturb our symbiotic relationship with our surroundings and though … Continue reading