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Gossip Girl

Gossip can be a worthwhile endeavor so long as no one involved is invested in any positive outcomes. I do not normally partake in gossip as I find it to be, more often than not, a rather trivial ordeal. Gossip is a subject that we broach when we have nothing substantive to do with our … Continue reading

Who do you Love?

It’s not an easy thing to talk about. It is probably the most difficult thing to talk about in fact. Writers, artists as well as men and women across all spectrums of people have grappled with how to handle this topic. It is because this is central to our very identity as people that this … Continue reading

Around Midnight

“Sometimes around midnight They’d come knocking at my door I said sometimes around midnight, Hell hounds found what they’re looking for” Sometimes around midnight I feel my heart drop down to the floor. The pitter-patter of emotions beat down my heart. My brain tells my heart to hold fast, that we’ll get through this as … Continue reading


I can smell the smoke from the bonfire through the small crease in my window made by my air conditioner. I keep it on year round. It helps the air circulation in my room. The smell permeates my room around six o’clock and I can smell the food that they’re cooking around seven. It smells … Continue reading

Slight Escalations

We all live very busy lives. I have to remind myself of this every once in a while. Not everyone is sitting around thinking of you and for people who really want a relationship this can be tough to accept. Even if you say from the outset that you want a relationship and that this … Continue reading

Production Problems

“Our worst fears lie in anticipation,” Balzac once wrote and that is how I feel heading into pre-production of any project I’m working on. I sit there and think about all the problems. I think that people won’t understand my work or worse: that they didn’t even read it. I think that my work isn’t … Continue reading


I’ve been accused of a fair amount of things in my life. I’m always interested in these accusations because they are usually far more sophisticated than I could ever hope to be. Take a former boss of mine, who thought that I went home at night and devised plots to ruin her day. I wish … Continue reading

Entertainment Matters

The premise is pretty simple: a man decides to run for mayor as George Washington. He enlists the help of his good friends and fellow founders in an effort to get elected. The man is not the real George Washington, but he is counting on the ignorance of the populace and the apathy of the … Continue reading

Ignoring the Obvious

I don’t always pay attention when I’m supposed to and I hate following the rules.  Rules annoy me and I don’t say that to make myself seem like a badass I say that because rules actually make me angry.  This isn’t to say that I’m advocating for an anarchist world.  Quite the opposite in fact.  … Continue reading

The Lessons of Lost Love

I didn’t used to think about what was gained from failed relationships. I never thought much good came from things that upset you. Then I began to realize that failure in relationships is like any other failure in life; some good must come of it otherwise it wouldn’t have been worth pursuing in the first … Continue reading

The Lessons of Civil War

Understanding the reasons behind secession and the reasoning of southern leaders following the Civil War is critical in any analysis of the Civil War or its’ aftermath because it shows how and why southern states actually left the Union and the reasons that they have had to adopt over the years to disguise their original … Continue reading

The Lives of Others

Nothing necessitates drama like the clear and present absence of it.  There are some people who constantly cry about the “needless” problems in their lives.  They bemoan the issues that confront them on a seemingly endless basis.  They loudly and persistently tell us that they wish the days of unending trouble could be put behind … Continue reading

What Hath 2013 Wrought?

I don’t know if it was something in the drinking water or perhaps some new vitamin craze that we’ve yet to be privy to, but Americans by and large seem very unhappy this Christmas.  Don’t let the holiday retail sales figures fool you.  People buy even more when they’re depressed than they do when they’re … Continue reading

What is our Purpose?

I believe I was born to achieve something.  What exactly it is that makes life worth living is open for debate.  I disagree with Schopennauer’s assessment that: “brutes show real wisdom when compared with us – I mean, their quiet, placid enjoyment of the present moment[1].”  While it is true that moments should be appreciated … Continue reading

Sharpen Your Pencil

There are many management specialists who insist that organization is the key to success.  I don’t dispute this, but I don’t think that organization in and of itself makes you more successful.  I think that it is the psychological effect of having a clean office that makes you want to be better at your job … Continue reading

Break Up Music

I was shocked to find that no one had put together a great list of break-up music.  It seems like there’s an incredible amount of love songs out there yet there isn’t that much to choose from when you’re going through a break up.  Anthologies haven’t been put together to help us through our moments … Continue reading

Writer Man

“Writer man!”  I hear echoed jubilantly through the corridor.  I know who it is but I hate looking around like I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing.  Never look like you’re lacking self-awareness.  That never comes off well. “Teacher man,” I echo back.  When the echoes converge we’ll know from the sounds … Continue reading

Remembering Mandela

There have been precious few people – at least in my lifetime – that one could chart their entire life through the events of that person’s life.  Nelson Mandela was one of those people.  I was six years old when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  The years 1990 and 1991 seemed to flow together … Continue reading

What Matters

I am impressed by knowledge and the knowledgeable.  One subject is sufficient for me.  No jack of all trades are necessary, I’ll be fine with a master of one. The ability to break things down and make them understandable is greatly underestimated.  Find one who can make the hard things easy and though you will … Continue reading

All the Wrong Choices

I remember being young once and I spent a lot of my time growing up watching movies.  I fell in love with cinema at a very young age.  It was my first true love in many ways.  I was always inspired by the way that some characters made decisions.  All the protagonists really grew and … Continue reading

The Learning Curve

I’ve always struggled in school.  It was always perplexing to my teachers just as it was to my parents but there was something about it that made everything very difficult to understand.  Looking back I can understand where the problem was rather easily because of what I know about myself now.  At the time however … Continue reading