The Debt Ceiling Conundrum

I’m not fond of fifty degree weather with a chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to see a forecast that called for tornadoes, so I guess I should be happy, right?  I don’t think so.

This kind of argumentative rendition is rather frustrating to me because it ignores the positive possibilities.  It is true that the possibility exists that my house could get flattened by a tornado, but it’s not very likely.  By saying that comparatively speaking, I’m better off in cold, wet weather you’re telling me something that I not only don’t want to hear, but you’re then saying that I should be happy about something that I don’t want.  That’s like giving someone a present that they’ll hate and saying “your welcome.”

This is what Republicans are doing with the debt ceiling however.  They’re saying that we should do what they want to do, be happy that we’re doing something we don’t want to do, and then be even happier that we did something for people we don’t like.  Why would I be happy about that?  By saying that we should accept spending cuts in return for a vote on the debt ceiling (which is a vote that will require Democratic support to pass), Republicans are essentially saying that we should be happy that they’re willing to do something that was required of them and that we should be even happier that we were able to give in on things we wanted to do.

None of this makes any sense.  Furthermore Republicans want Democrats to accept budget cuts that will add more debt onto the deficit while they complain about the fact that we have to raise the deficit ceiling to facilitate their demands.  Proposing a solution that is worse than the compromise and then expecting everyone to be giddy about the solution that no one likes is a pretty bad argument.  That’s kind of like getting your house demolished in a tornado and saying you’re lucky to be alive.  Yes, it’s good that you survived, but you shouldn’t be happy about the fact that a tornado just tore down your house.  With the vote on the debt ceiling Republicans are unleashing a tornado that is going to tear down our houses and they’re essentially asking us to thank them for not killing us.  Why would anyone be happy in this scenario?

What's your take?

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