Message Deleted

If you’re going to run for President, I’d recommend that you don’t take two weeks off after a huge media fail.  But, that’s just me.  Apparently, Newt’s different.  After having one of the worst media rollouts that I’ve ever seen, Gingrich decided that all of that failing was really a lot of work, so he did what any other American struggling in this economy would do: take an incredibly expensive vacation because the Tiffany’s bills and credit card debt weren’t doing enough to sell you to the middle class.

Gingrich aides have been quoted as saying that the former House speaker from Georgia’s decision to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean over the last two weeks was the final straw for them. Tyler said he understood that the timing looked bad but said the major cause of discord was over how to run the campaign.

“The expectation of what a candidate is was a little different, and the expectation of the time commitments,” he said. “I don’t want this to be misinterpreted. Newt is the single most energetic person I’ve ever met in my life. He will wear out staffers three years younger than he is.”

There are a lot of keywords here that, if Gingrich doesn’t drop out after Sunday’s speech, there’ll be a lot of talk about.  Let’s get to the crux of the matter.  “The expectation of what a candidate is…”  That’s never a good sign.  You don’t want to hear negative stuff said about your campaign and you really don’t want to hear negative things said about you as a person.  What’s even more telling is how vehemently his (now former) campaign aides are rushing to his defense.

“Newt is the single most energetic person I’ve met in my life.”  Yeah, I’ve said the same thing about my cats, that doesn’t mean they don’t sleep twenty hours a day, it just means that when a mouse gets loose in the house they really go after it.  My favorite defense is the line that comes next: “he will wear out staffers that are three years younger than he is.”  But, if they’re four years younger, he’ll be exhausted.  Seriously, it’s sad that these people worked in communications at all, let alone for a “Presidential candidate.”

There’s also been some talk about how Newt can’t be bothered to do any fundraising.  My guess is that’s why he’s going to the Republican Jewish Coalition (no ethnic slurs or anything here, just pointing out that he had to do something about his lack of policy cred.)  My favorite quote comes at the end, however:

“I have great admiration and deep respect for Newt,” Tyler said. “I hope he does well and I think he’d make a good president and I hope he finds, you know, the path forward and I hope he finds people who can get him there. I really do. I wish him the best.”

I hope he finds, you know, a job or something because this whole wandering around and running for President thing isn’t really working out for him.  When you have to emphatically say something over and over again, it’s usually because it’s not true.  The one thing that bothers me about a potential derailment in the Newt camp is that after Gingrich the saddest candidate in the GOP field is kind of a tossup between….well….all of them.  I’m going to put my money with the “Cainenator” as Politico is calling him because I don’t ever want to use the nickname “TPaw” in a sentence.  Although, given the previous sentence…yeah, you get the idea.


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