Cain Train Derailed

For Cain, his mantra should have been: I am the very model of a modern major misogynist, but perhaps that’s just how history will remember him.  Either way, it’s official: we’re not too fond of black walnut.  That or we’re just not fond of Pimps in general.  I was really hoping that Herman Cain would wear his Pimp hat when he announced the suspension of his campaign because that would have made the event the perfect analogy for everything that was wrong with him as a candidate, but given this field of Republican nominees, we have to remain content with what we’ve got and I imagine my disappointment with Herman Cain’s lack of Pimp hat wearing is somewhat emblematic of the American people’s disappointment with the Republican field of candidates in general.

What’s amazing to me about Herman Cain is that he will never admit defeat.  Every time he surrenders he proclaims that he is doing so for tactical reasons and he insists that the only reason he is stopping the fight is so he can emerge at a time and place of his choosing with more firepower.  Someone needs to explain to this man what the definition of “surrender” is.

Today, in what most people will see as a final nod to all of those terrible charges of misconduct against him, Herman Cain finally announced that he again wants to pursue the circus on his terms.  He said that he will suspend his campaign so that he can endorse someone who is not in the White House.  I’m still wondering if the person he’s going to endorse is going to be Herman Cain.  Given his press conference where he repeatedly referred to himself in the third person, I’m not sure that he can tell the difference between himself and the mythologized figure of Herman Cain that he seems to believe has overcome all of this adversity and scrutiny.

What’s really odd about all of this is the lack of knowledge within Cain’s own campaign about what his plans were regarding…the campaign.  One would think that you would coordinate your plans with regards to your campaign with someone who was a part of your campaign, but that’s probably just another one of those “liberal conspiracy” theories that Mr. Cain seems to believe are not responsible for the downfall of his campaign.  Like all those allegations of sexual misconduct were just a manifestation of what people in the “liberal media” want to believe.

The harsh reality for Cain is, of course, that at least some of the charges against him must be true or he wouldn’t be getting out of the race.  His race was always one for relevance and like his entire campaign, his quest for relevance will be dictated only by Herman Cain.  This is the definition of one who is self-absorbed.  I’m not sure that he understands this.  His life literally revolves around himself and he seeks to dictate the course of other people’s lives dependent on his relevance to them.  The big problem with all of this is, of course, that no one seems to have a problem with being dictated to in these terms.  The ultimate manifestation of this was yesterday’s “Women for Cain” effort which sought funds so that the campaign could go on a smear campaign against the candidate’s accusers.  He literally was blaming the victims.

This all brings up a larger point about the Republican party in general and that is that for the most part, they are a group of misogynists and racists who get together occasionally to talk about their mutual hatred for women and black people.  In the Republican primary, these have become known as “debates.”  It has always been apparent throughout this process that Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann were the two odd people out.  Cain because he is black and Bachmann because she is female.  Now, although the two do occupy their respective groups that are the target of their parties hatred does not mean that they themselves are absolved from the hatred that the party espouses.

Bachmann uses every opportunity she gets to scold the President, not because she hates his policies because in order to hate a policy you would have to first understand it, but because she hates the man.  Cain, likewise, never even acknowledged Bachmann as a candidate.  In fact, Cain rarely acknowledged that anyone was a candidate besides Herman Cain.  His frequent response of “9,9,9” became so ridiculous that it’s relevance died out almost as quickly as the idea of Herman Cain as the Republican frontrunner did.

The exit of Herman Cain and the emergence of the new flavor of the month Newt Gingrich leaves a lot of open questions.  Do Republican voters understand that Gingrich too is a misogynist?  Probably.  But, it is likely that they have come to some odd conclusion about the man and have come to believe that his own distaste for women doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things.  The difference between Cain and Gingrich is that Cain was a man masquerading as a dick whereas Gingrich is the textbook definition of a dick.  Gingrich is even proud of the fact that he is the world’s biggest dick and probably derives a great deal of pleasure from that fact.  He is a man who, not unlike Herman Cain, is all about himself.  He cares little for party and little for actual ideas or policies, he cares only for the advancement of Newt and will embrace any strategy so long as it has his interests at heart.

Now, a lot of people would argue that there isn’t a huge difference between Gingrich and any other politician, but that’s where he is counting on you to make this fatal error.  Gingrich isn’t like every other politician because he is the antithesis of everything that is wrong with our politics.  He never admits error.  He refuses to apologize.  He blames his affairs on patriotism and redefines the meaning of his own comments when he doesn’t like the way they’re being interpreted.  He does one thing and then says something completely contradictory.  He takes money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac then calls for their demise.  He calls for us to tighten our belts while he makes lavish purchases at Tiffany’s.  Indeed, when his campaign staff quit en masse, Gingrich was on a cruise with his wife in Greece.

In short, the problem with the Republican field isn’t that the voters don’t understand them or their ideas, it’s that voters fundamentally dislike them.  And they should.  Their candidates are people who don’t stand on principles, they merely stand in opposition to the President because of their hatred for black people in general.  They stand together because they view a strong and powerful black man as the biggest threat to the American people and our society moving forward.  These are people that remind one more of the Ku Klux Klan a la 1870 than any other organized group of individuals and the only difference between the Klan then and the Republican party now is that the Republicans mask their hatred behind policy while the Klan masked their hatred behind white sheets.


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