What I would do if I were running the Romney campaign

I would emphasize the following points and repeat them over and over again:

  1. This election is about jobs and how to best create them.
  2. We believe in “common sense” solutions, not government dictated fiascos.
  3. Health care is best left up to the doctor and the patient.  We don’t believe that government has a role in these discussions.

While the President is out campaigning, Mitt Romney should be touring factories, meeting with workers and listening to the concerns of the everyday working man.  In Wisconsin, Scott Walker ran on a “brown bag” campaign where he talked about how he brought his own lunch to his job as Milwaukee County Executive.  A similar strategy could work for Mitt Romney here.  Have him get up in the morning and “go to work.”  You could plan his entire day around the schedule of a working person.  He could have lunch with co-workers, go out for a drink after work with the fellas, complain to his wife about how hard he works etc.  Do all of this on camera and make sure that you’re doing an easy job that everyone can understand.  Show that Romney is competent as an employee and as a boss.  Also, most people have a schedule to adhere to, so Mitt should adhere to one too.  Don’t just act like a worker, be a worker.

Talk about what Mitt was discussing with his coworkers.  Perhaps he just happened to be talking to Paul about his retirement plans.  Rather than telling Paul how he knows lots of people who own retirement plans, Mitt should offer encouragement to that worker and show him how he has his back.  Mitt should literally have his back.  Maybe Mark the local steelworker doesn’t like how he has to pay so much of his paycheck to the federal government, that is an opportunity for you to attack the President as being part of the problem and an opportunity for Mitt to talk about being part of the solution.  Talk about taxes and explain why it would make sense to give Mark a little more money to help pay the bills each week.  Talk about how it’s not the governments place to tell him how to best spend his money and that he ought to have that power himself.  Also use this opportunity to talk about how Mark has to balance his checkbook and the federal government should have to do likewise.

In talking with Sharon, a mother of three, perhaps Mitt discovers that she has a pre-existing condition that prevents her from getting the health care she needs.  Talk about why the private sector can solve that problem and how it’s not necessary for government to get involved.  Explain why bureaucracy stands in between the care that people want and the care that people need.  Also, talk about how it isn’t necessary to have a government bureaucrat in the room with Sharon when she discusses her health care needs with her doctor.  Talk about the specialists that Sharon needs to see and talk about how the private market can best facilitate a solution to Sharon’s problems.  Explain that it isn’t the government that is going to cure her illness, it isn’t the government that is best at managing her health care and use this opportunity to explain how insurance companies have been working for years to help people just like Sharon deal with these types of issues.

Now, each of these three talking points is easily relatable for the voter, it makes Mitt seem like he is genuinely concerned about the problems of the working man and understands the problems that women face on the job.  By actually showing Mitt “showing up” for work, you’re showing the American people that he is ready to “show up” as President.  After all, wouldn’t most people like to elect a guy that they’ve seen at the office or on the factory floor?  Wouldn’t it seem logical to put a guy who gets the struggles that you’re going through in the White House?  That’s the kind of argument you need to be having.  Talking about Bain, talking about health care and Obamacare, talking about the President and his lack of leadership or whatever just reminds people of what they don’t like about Washington.  You have the one thing that the other guy doesn’t have: you’re not an incumbent.  So run as the Washington outsider.  This whole thing needs to look like Mitt actually cares about people and that’s a tough argument to make because to date it seems like he really doesn’t care about people and that he’s only interested in making money for his friends and that’s a serious problem.


What's your take?

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