Mittens Hath Chosen

In less than twelve hours (yes, that’s the amount of time he gave the press to prep for his pick) we’ll know who will be running with Mittens on the GOP ticket.  Let the drama ensue.  Republicans are not so silently hoping that the pick is Paul Ryan and so are a lot of Democrats also.  As I’ve said before, I’d be shocked to see Ryan on the ticket because he has never even run a statewide race, he’s tied to social security reform and he’s not from a traditional swing state.  The last time WI went Republican was in 1984 for Ronald Reagan in a year virtually no state went for Mondale.  Seriously, do you really think that Wisconsin is in play for Mittens?  Doubtful.

Mittens essentially has two options; he can pick Ryan and feed the narrative that he is just a pawn for the neocons and Republican establishment (something that will likely not play well with swing voters) or he can stick to his guns and make a safe pick like Pawlenty (who I think is the safest pick) or choose the really old white guy and go with Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  Anyone other than those three frankly would be a shock.  But this pick will tell us more about the way that Mittens plans to govern if elected than any other move he’s made thus far.  Mittens has been plagued by an incredibly bad month of campaigning where his taxes and tenure at Bain Capital have been at the forefront of the campaign.  In case he didn’t think things could get any worse, today Mittens called for a “truce” between the Obama and Romney campaigns?  Who does this?  This is like that moment in A League of Their Own where Tom Hanks is screaming from the dugout: “there’s no crying in baseball!”  Seriously Mittens, there’s no crying in baseball!

One thing that should be noted is how Mittens is making his pick and that is out of a weak position.  He has not been doing well on the campaign trail and he has not been getting a lot of good press whether it’s the report about his tax plan (or lackthereof) or his general lasses-faire attitude on the campaign trail, Mittens just needs something or someone to provide some life (any life really) into his campaign.  In short, he’s making his pick out of weakness and not out of strength and real leaders make important decisions in positions of strength not when their back is up against the wall.  Rarely do erratic decisions stand up well under scrutiny.  Remember what the Mittens advisors told us when they started this process: “there will be no Sarah Palin.”  Yet, look where they find themselves.  They will either make a pick in the same vein as Palin or will wind up looking like fools by going the other way.  It’s a rather unfortunate situation to find oneself in, but Mittens did put himself here.

I do want to take this opportunity to absolutely savage the Ryan budget since Mittens has provided me with a clear opportunity to do so.  Enjoy!

So keep these things that I just had at my fingertips in the back of your head when if you should even think about pulling the lever for Mitt Romney because these are the ideas that he wants to advance.  My favorite poll done about Paul Ryan is from his high school:

Whether Ryan is the VP pick or not, it will be his budget that will be passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and signed into law by Mittens if he is elected President.  But still, regardless of who he picks we should remember that Mittens could do worse…

This post can’t really be completed until Mittens makes his pick and I actually know who is going to aid Mittens in his mission to wreck havoc upon the American economy.  Take a look at some of the comparative literature…

What's your take?

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