Rob Ford is Amazing

Rob Ford is an incredible politician.  He somehow managed to keep his poll numbers up after admitting that he smoked crack, went on a drunken rampage where he detailed how he would murder someone, and then somehow managed to hit a new low Thursday morning by denying he had an affair with a policy adviser in the most profane language one could use to deny such allegations.


Buzzfeed is calling Rob Ford a cunnilingual crack enthusiast and while that may seem to encompass his interests it is a little unfair to label him as such because he has not stated whether cunnilingus is something he enjoys or not.  Also note how he says: “I’ve never said that in my life to her.”  How many people do you think are going to come forward Anthony Weiner-style with accusations?  I think the over is 15 and the under is around 50 simply because there aren’t more than fifty people in Toronto that care.

There is a video on Youtube showing one of the most epic drunken rants I’ve heard since David Hasselhoff’s and now he’s been stripped of basically all his powers as Mayor yet Rob Ford still remains Mayor of Toronto.  This story has been unfolding since May.

The great thing about Rob Ford (and there are a lot of great things about Rob Ford) is that he’s basically Canada’s not so good version of Chris Christie.  I don’t just say that because of his size either.  Ford basically says similar things that Christie would say if he, like Ford, were smoking crack.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

There are, of course, similarities in appearance.



There are lessons that can be drawn here.  First off, you never really know who you’re electing.  It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been around or what offices they’ve held.  The same problem plagues politics that plagues our hiring process.  When we’re hiring someone we look at who they were not who they are going to be.  We live our lives thinking that the future will be exactly like the past when in reality the future will be much different than the past.

Now, there’s no doubt in my mind that Rob Ford has a substance abuse problem.  He has a long and sordid history with drugs and alcohol.  Only he can get help however.  It doesn’t matter what anybody tells him only he can make the decision to lead a constructive life instead of a destructive one.  What he should look at however and this is something that men everywhere should look at is where his pride gets overruled by his ego.  When this happens the ego takes precedence over a man’s pride and pride all of a sudden doesn’t matter that much and when you have no pride you have no shame.  Watching a man with no pride and no shame is a sad thing to witness.

Still, I imagine that the Rob Ford saga has many twists and turns ahead.  He has probably said and done other things to other people that will come to light now.  One day we will look back on this like we look back at the Anthony Weiner scandal.  It’s just a sad thing to witness and the only person you wind up caring about is the family involved.


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