Case and Point


Pastor Mark Burns – a key surrogate for the Trump campaign – acknowledged (well, kinda) that he “overstated several details” of his biography “as a young man.” This is the guy who tweeted the picture of Hillary Clinton in blackface and then claimed ignorance – as if anyone inside or out of the black community could ever be ignorant of the hate associated with that symbol. He later apologized (sort of) and went back to his day job of bashing Hillary Clinton for giving false hope to the African-American community.

Today it was revealed that in case you didn’t already think Mark Burns was a bad guy there’s actually plenty of reasons for you to to do so. CNN laid into Burns for lying about key details in his past and present life. As it turns out, that college degree Mark Burns says he had? More like he dropped out after one semester. You know how he was currently enrolled in grad school? Yeah, not so much. And the best of all: Burns’s military service that he touts with such regularity you would think he were single-handedly fighting ISIS while introducing Donald Trump in between rounds? Yeah, the guy was never in the army.

In other words, like Trump himself, Burns is a total and complete fraud. What better embodiment of the Trump campaign exists outside of Trump himself? Mark Burns. That’s who.Like Trump himself, Burns lies to get ahead and when called out on it simply keeps talking or claims that some other injustice is really at fault. Burns is perpetrating a fraud as we speak by continuing to sell himself as an educated African-American man and war hero. It turns out the only part of that which is true is the African-American part. The guy lasted one semester in college, so like many of Trumps supporters, Burns lacks a college education. All of a sudden, Burns support for Trump makes a lot more sense. As a person of color with only a high school degree, Burns found that it was hard out there to get a job. According to Burns: “As a young man starting my church in Greenville, South Carolina, I overstated several details of my biography because I was worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a new pastor.” If you did that in any other job interview you’d have been fired. End of story.

What’s worse is that Burns is insinuating that his serial lying is all behind him. Burns goes on to say: “since that time I should have taken steps to correct any misrepresentations of my background. We all make mistakes, and I hope that the measure of my character and the quality of my works speak for what kind of person I am.” Misrepresentations? These are outright lies. The quality of your works? What works? Seriously, what have you done that wasn’t a lie? At this point we need some proof that you’ve done something other than attempt character assassination on the first female nominee for President of the United States.

Now, Burns said that he “overstated” these details “as a young man,” yet he continues to claim as fact that which we know are lies. The fact-checking that was done on this guy was pretty clear and it was all lies. Do we even know if this guy is a pastor? What’s even better about all of this is that the flack that Burns is taking is entirely of his own making. Had he not knowingly Tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface this probably wouldn’t have been an issue as the media does such a poor job calling out Donald Trump and his surrogates out on his lies that they might as well be in another country right now.

What we know about Mark Burns is that everything that he has said about himself (other than his name) is a lie. He claimed to be a member of a predominantly black fraternity and when confronted about this his response was the classic line of: “obviously this has been manipulated or either hacked or added.” You know the last guy to use that excuse? Anthony Weiner. How well did that work out for him? Even his explanations of his lies are unoriginal. When he was asked about his Bachelor of Science degree from North Greenville University he attacked the interview process arguing that this was supposed to be “off the record.” As if facts don’t have to be, you know, facts when you’re off the record. When confronted about his military service (of lack thereof) Burns again attacked the process arguing: “I’m off the record, because I think this is not fair that you—this is not fair at all.” The truth hurts sometimes especially when you’re a pathological liar, which seems to be a requirement in order to be a Donald Trump surrogate, then it becomes a prerequisite.

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