We Probably Shouldn’t Try to Impeach Trump


Donald Trump’s fate is best left to voters in the 2020 election. It will be infinitely better if history is the ultimate judge of Donald Trump’s Presidency. History is a better judge of current events than we can be. Never in the history of our nation has a President been successfully removed from office through articles of impeachment. Precedent likely could be broken here, but at what cost?

Democrats need to decide which is more important: defeating Trump or electing Democrats to office. The only way you can do both is by beating Trump at the polls in 2020. Impeaching Trump would only embolden Republicans. The last thing you want to hand your opponent when they’re treading water is a life vest. That is exactly what impeachment would be: an opportunity for Republicans to coalesce around an issue that they are being attacked on.

Democrats are angry at Donald Trump and understandably so, but highly vocalized anger doesn’t come across very well to voters. A more appropriate mood to convey would be sadness. Sadness that people are turning on each other in an effort to win the favor of the President. Sadness at the erosion of previous consensus on key issues vital to our national interests. Sadness that a man is waging a daily war on the American worker.

People react differently to sadness than they do to anger. Express your sadness and people are more likely to listen. Express your anger and people are more likely to turn away. There is plenty of anger on one side of the aisle. There is no need for Democrats to reach into that well. Now is a time for Democrats to do what they do so well when they are out of power: lament the loss of progressive ideas and forward progress in government.

The truth is that there is much more that can be done when people come together in moments of sadness than in moments of anger. Anger is what brought Donald Trump into office. Anger at immigrants, anger at women, anger at anyone who was not a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male. It was a joke in Germany during World War II that the perfect Aryan would be “as tall as Himmler, as slim as Goerring, and as blonde as Hitler.” Oh, and those blue eyes of Goebbels! Indeed, who can forget them?

The way to fight anger isn’t to try and match the anger of the other side. Democrats can’t get that mad. It’s simply not a part of their constitution. What Democrats can do however is bitch and moan about it. They can grow sad and teary-eyed. Democrats can let Trump do the bullying and then talk to voters about what it’s like to be the victim of bullying. That’s a winning message because everyone has been the victim of a bully at some time in their life. The way to lose public sentiment would be to grow angry at the bully and threaten to fight the bully with anger. Try to get madder than a Republican. I dare you. It’s simply not possible.

Democrats can’t change what makes them Democrats anymore than Republicans can change the fact that they don’t know how to govern. Republicans going back to Reagan have really messed up the whole governing business that they were elected to do. So, Democrats should assume the mantra of a passive majority; sad yet resigned to the fact that the election is over.

Let’s move on to the next fight without engaging in the day-to-day shenanigans of the current administration. That’s not a winnable war for Democrats. You rarely win a battle fought on the enemy’s terrain. Rather, it would be wise to simply absorb the blows and let the public decide whether they want to remain in a banana republic. Dictatorships are all, inevitably, overthrown. The only thing the opposition has to do is wait, which should be easy since the current occupant of the White House has about as much patience as he does self-control.

What's your take?

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